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We are here to listen to those who need someone to talk too

TRUK Listens was due to go live in 2021 but with the amount of people contacting Trans Radio UK for support it was decided to bring the launch forward and TRUK Listens opened its lines on 15th June 2020

Originally TRUK Listens was set up as a text based service but with 96% of the people who contacted us wanting to talk it was decided to turn this into primarily a telephone service and this was launched on 1st March 2021 with a free phone number with no cost to the caller. The option to WhatsApp us on the same number has been added for the people who may not want or are not in the position to talk.

TRUK Listens became TRUK Listens CIC in February 2021 as we felt it was important to show that we have charitable interests. In the future we aim for TRUK Listens to become a charity.

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Our Services

TRUK Listens is part of the TRUK Group .

Trans Radio UK

Founded in February 2018 Trans Radio UK is a radio station for the Transgender community made by the Transgender Community.

TRUK United FC

We are a fully inclusive football team playing, Charity and Friendly matches as well as the odd Cup/Tournament.
We are looking for players.

Coming Soon!

Whilst we still are looking to build both TRUK Listens and Trans Radio UK we also have some exciting stuff in the pipeline. TRUK TV and TRUK Academy are coming soon!

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About TRUK Listens

Because everybody needs to talk sometime


We all sometimes need somebody to talk to. Occasionally people feel there is nobody they can talk to. People can always talk in confidence to TRUK Listens. Call 0800 009 6640


We are here to offer support to the community whether that be through TRUK Listens or Trans Radio UK. If you would like to get involved please see the join our team page

Connect the Community

The all arms of TRUK we are trying to connect the community. Please keep an eye on our websites and our socials. Trans Radio UK also has a very active chatroom for you to socialise and make friends.

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We love hearing from you all

If you have a message or you want to contact us then please feel free to use the form to drop us a message..

For the Community

Meet Our Team


Please note we have not included our telephone operators as some users have requested this as they would rather stay anonymous both ways.

Lucy Clark

Lucy Clark


Avril Clark

Avril Clark


Ginella Williams

Ginella Williams


Adeline Trad

Adeline Trad

Media Manager

Position Vacant

Position Vacant

Corporate Fundraising Manager

Position Vacant

Position Vacant

Fundraising Manager

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Lydia Ronianski


Latest News

Here is the latest news straight out of TRUK HQ

Rainbow Lottery win £25,000

We are pleased to announce that we are now part of The Rainbow Lottery raising funds for TRUK Listens.

What is this we hear you ask……It is the UK’s first and only lottery supporting LGBTQ+ good causes, the exciting weekly lottery that raises money for the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ good causes totally, openly and exclusively.Their hope is to make a difference to our good causes so they can carry on their vital work – which helps us all. Play the lottery, support the community – it’s fun, it’s simple and everybody wins!It is a weekly lottery, £1 per ticket and 50p of each ticket purchased via our Rainbow Lottery Page goes DIRECTLY to TRUK Listens.You can also sign up and play every week by Direct Debit 🙂Although the first weekly draw is not until 12th June you can buy tickets NOW. Please help us in getting funding for TRUK Listens


Play for TRUK United FC

Playing sport is known to relieve stress and excercise is a good thing right? TRUK Group now has a football team TRUK United FC who are going to be playing charity matches, Friendlies, Cup Competitions and Tournaments all over the UK and are looking for players. TRUK United FC is a fully inclusive team and will also have a Pan Disability team. For more details please head over to www.trukunitedfc.com where you can catch up with all the latest news on our team! TRUK United will be raising money for TRUK Listens and you can also buy TRUK United FC kit and donate to TRUK Listens at the same time.!

Write a guest blog for us

Do you have a passion for writing? Do you have something you want to put down on paper so to speak? Something inspiring or uplifting perhaps? If so then we are looking for you!
If you are interested in writing a guest blog for us please email info@truklistens.org outlining your ideas.

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