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As of 7th March 2021 TRUK Listens has received £0 in funding or Grants and our costs are going up by the day as our service expands as more people use it and more people join the TRUK Listens team. At the moment we are relying on Trans Radio UK to fund TRUK Listens which of course puts a strain on their limited resources. Whilst we are looking at avenues for funding we like many other organisations like our’s rely on support from our community or people who believe in the project.

We are the only support line aimed at Transgender or non gender conforming adults and all of our helpline volunteers are either Transgender or understand the issues that Transgender people can face.

For us to continue to provide this amazing service we need your support. Can you be a hero? We are looking for people to become hero’s by taking on challenges to raise money for our service. If you would like to do an event for us please email info@truklistens.org with your proposals. We will support you in any way we can including supplying you with a running vest should you be taking on a running challenge.

We will list all our hero’s below

Massive thank you too…

  • Lydia Ronianski Completed Dry January 2021
  • Gav Toal completed 3 marathons in 3 weeks during Nvember 2021