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With the world’s media seemingly against Transgender people, being Transgender, Gender Non conforming or Non-Binary in 2022 is not an easy thing for many people. We are a community receive constant hate from Politicians, some celebrities and even a Police PCC to name but a few! Because of this TRUK Listens is busier than ever and as an organisation that gets no funding we need your help.

We have received thousands of calls in 2022 and our lines are busier than ever and we need your help so we can train more people and provide them with the tools they need to continue to help people.

Please consider donating to TRUK Listens to help us so we can continue to help people. Our lines are open from 8am until 2am 7 days a week 365 days a year with a group of trained volunteers on hand to answer peoples calls when they need someone to talk to.

Please click this link (opens in a new window) to leave a donation and thank you. Donate (paypal.com)

Counselors Wanted

We are looking for people to join our team here at TRUK Listens to ultimately helped staff TRUK Listens telephone service. Are you a listener? Do you have compassion? Are you interested in this kind of work and willing to be trained? We are urgently looking for volunteers to join our team here at TRUK Listens. If this is of interest to you please email info@truklistens.org

National Lottery Grant Update.

We are absolutely delighted to inform you that we have been successful in our application for a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund.

Getting this grant is a game changer for TRUK Listens as among other things it will allow us to train up new telephone operators as well as supply them with all the equipment they need to take calls.

We would like to thank everyone who has purchased a national lottery ticket at some point as this has allowed the Community fund to operate and help out organisations like ours.

Portrait of the People Exhibition

We are absolutely delighted that the amazing Frans Gertenbach has teamed up with Trans Radio for his Portrait of the People Exhibition which is running until the 14th August 2021 at Artcetra Studio in Rosemary Street Belfast.

Frans has created 16 amazing portraits of people from the Transgender Community and is kindly raising funds for TRUK Listens. If you are in Belfast then please pop in and have a look at Frans amazing work

What Frans has to say.

Everyone deserves to live in a world free of violence and discrimination, including those whose gender identity and expression does not match their assigned at birth sex.Transgender people have existed across cultures and throughout time and history, it is nothing new – what is new is the heightened awareness of gender diversity and the transgender community through visibility in society and heightened media coverage.Every transgender person’s story is as unique as they are. A lot of people know what it means for a person to be gay – but there is still a lot of confusion and misinformation out there about what it means to be transgender. There are differences between coming out as lesbian, gay or bisexual and coming out as transgender. The LGBTQIA+ community places a great importance and value on the idea of being out in order to be happy and whole. When a transgender person has transitioned and is living their life as their authentic self, or is transitioning, or is finding their way to transition, that is their truth – the world sees them for whom they truly are.Through a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, misinformation, and fearfulness for the unknown, many transgender people, and people close to them, and other people sometimes find it difficult to understand what it is to be a transgender person.TRUK LISTENS is a CIC (Community Interest Company) with community counsellors that listen, help & support callers in confidence and do not judge them. Some people do not have the support of friends or family, others do have friends or family to talk to but find talking to someone neutral can also be helpful. All of their operators are from the Transgender or wider LGBTQIA+ community and understand the issues faced by transgender people, their partners, family and friends. TRUK LISTENS is there for people, whatever their age or whatever worries or concerns are on their mind.TRUK LISTENS is a free & confidential helpline (calls or WhatsApp) available 8am-2am (BST) 0800 009 6640, Because everybody needs to talk sometime.

More details https://www.facebook.com/ArtceteraStudio

Rainbow Lottery win £25,000

We are pleased to announce that we are now part of The Rainbow Lottery raising funds for TRUK Listens.

What is this we hear you ask……It is the UK’s first and only lottery supporting LGBTQ+ good causes, the exciting weekly lottery that raises money for the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ good causes totally, openly and exclusively.Their hope is to make a difference to our good causes so they can carry on their vital work – which helps us all. Play the lottery, support the community – it’s fun, it’s simple and everybody wins!It is a weekly lottery, £1 per ticket and 50p of each ticket purchased via our Rainbow Lottery Page goes DIRECTLY to TRUK Listens.You can also sign up and play every week by Direct Debit 🙂Although the first weekly draw is not until 12th June you can buy tickets NOW. Please help us in getting funding for TRUK Listens


Play for TRUK United FC

Playing sport is known to relieve stress and excercise is a good thing right? TRUK Group now has a football team TRUK United FC who are going to be playing charity matches, Friendlies, Cup Competitions and Tournaments all over the UK and are looking for players. TRUK United FC is a fully inclusive team and will also have a Pan Disability team. For more details please head over to www.trukunitedfc.com where you can catch up with all the latest news on our team! TRUK United will be raising money for TRUK Listens and you can also buy TRUK United FC kit and donate to TRUK Listens at the same time.!