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Rainbow Lottery win £25,000

We are pleased to announce that we are now part of The Rainbow Lottery raising funds for TRUK Listens.

What is this we hear you ask……It is the UK’s first and only lottery supporting LGBTQ+ good causes, the exciting weekly lottery that raises money for the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ good causes totally, openly and exclusively.Their hope is to make a difference to our good causes so they can carry on their vital work – which helps us all. Play the lottery, support the community – it’s fun, it’s simple and everybody wins!It is a weekly lottery, £1 per ticket and 50p of each ticket purchased via our Rainbow Lottery Page goes DIRECTLY to TRUK Listens.You can also sign up and play every week by Direct Debit 🙂Although the first weekly draw is not until 12th June you can buy tickets NOW. Please help us in getting funding for TRUK Listens


Play for TRUK United FC

Playing sport is known to relieve stress and excercise is a good thing right? TRUK Group now has a football team TRUK United FC who are going to be playing charity matches, Friendlies, Cup Competitions and Tournaments all over the UK and are looking for players. TRUK United FC is a fully inclusive team and will also have a Pan Disability team. For more details please head over to www.trukunitedfc.com where you can catch up with all the latest news on our team! TRUK United will be raising money for TRUK Listens and you can also buy TRUK United FC kit and donate to TRUK Listens at the same time.!