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All Change at TRUK Listens

Dec 3, 2020 TRUK Listens News

From the 1st March there have been big changes at TRUK Listens as we have opened up

the phone lines. The first 7 months of TRUK Listens being in service 96% of people who text our service requested that they talked to our team on the telephone rather than via text. Having looked at these figures we decided that we would open the phone lines so people can speak to someone direct.

Whilst we expect the majority of people to use this service will be happy with this news we understand that there still may be people who would rather communicate via message therefore you can also WhatsApp us on the same number 0800 009 6640.

I hope you all agree that this is a positive move as we look to progress the way that TRUK Listens is operated.

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